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A Chicago-based small business specializing in customized solutions for PC, Mac, and wireless and wired networks. We do upgrades, repairs, and installations of software and hardware. We can help you with your wireless and wired network.

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Wired networking can be faster and more secure than wireless. Do you know which is best for your network?

Company president, Edward Silverstein, started working on PC's before they were called Personal Computers. Back in 1983 I was still in high school and got a gig managing 3 Zenith machines for a small engineering company. After using computers throughout college in the 1980's it was on to bigger and better things. A company with a real IT department and hundreds of desktop machines! After more than 10 years of writing software in the telecommunications world it was time for a break. I moved on to helping friends with their PC problems. Windows 95 and 98 made PC's start to appear in almost everyone's home. Along came Windows XP and soon everyone had a PC or two in their house. There was home networking, which finally replaced sneaker-net*

We can help you with your Mac and PC problems, or your home network, including desktops, laptops, printers, routers, media players, and gaming systems.

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*If you don't know what sneaker-net is, you'll find a definition of it here